Our comprehensive pre- and after sales services cover the entire project implementation chain from design, procurement and construction to training and O&M

EUROSOL’s international work in vastly differing business environments enabled us to hone our project Planning skills and formal business processes. Today, Scheduling and Costing are executed concurrently and employ Risk Management measures.

Risk mitigation spans the entire planning phase and begins with close attention to location specific obstacles, which may impede our installation and increase costs. An integral part of this phase is Equipment Delivery assurance, a major risk item in project completion accentuated in remote areas.

EUROSOL O&M services include maintenance service contracts, system management, periodic installation inspections and active remote system supervision of on-grid systems. Any malfunction or simple disturbance is quickly recognized and down-time is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Monitoring is of outmost importance in off -grid hybrid applications where operational data can help identify potential malfunctions and prevent the dreaded Loss of Power Supply event. The same data is used to compare actual with designed system performance and identify for implementation critical operational strategies that improve system performance.