Fields of Expertise

Fields of Expertise

Our heritage as a RES power generation EPC company was the basis for venturing into off -grid and hybrid systems. However, solutions in the energy landscape of the future will need a balanced approach addressing both production and consumption aspects. To meet this challenge, EUROSOL is expanding its reach to fields that will assume crucial roles during the transition to the future smart power grids

Power Generation

Distributed Power Generation from Renewables (DG/RES) for a sustainable energy future • Grid-connected solar PV plants • Off-grid solar PV plants • Hybrid solar/wind with storage • Conventional diesel generators • Solar + Diesel fuel saving • Hydrogen Fuel Cells

For more than 30 years we have built our expertise in solar PV and renewable energy in Europe with an impeccable track record of efficient and reliable solar PV plants. EUROSOL is offering a comprehensive array of EPC solutions and services for the evolving energy landscape where DG/RES play a prominent role.

Energy Management

Smart Metering • Demand-Side Management • Energy Data Management • Energy Modelling • Energy Efficiency Solutions • Commercial & Residential

We implement smart metering and demand-side management systems for residential and commercial applications. The metering data is processed in Energy Data Management systems and our customers are empowered to understand their energy usage patterns, identify inefficient processes and decide on economically beneficial energy management measures and interventions.

Power Management

Micro-grid solutions • Power Quality Optimization • Commercial & Industrial

We cooperate with technology providers specializing in this domain and provide our customers with a comprehensive set of cost effective solutions that positively affect their bottom line. Small scale micro grid solutions are implemented where appropriate and targeted power quality optimization interventions are applied with significant power and energy demand savings.


Electric Vehicles and their impact on power grids, is of material importance to our future systems

EV charging will create sizeable loads which will have to be supported by own power production systems and will underline the significance of energy storage solutions. EUROSOL has already engineered and installed commercial PV powered EV charging stations that also feature energy storage. We are closely monitoring their performance parameters to thoroughly understand their influence to the overall performance of our systems and integrate our findings in our design process.